How Temporary Structures Can Be Used for Film & TV

When you think of a temporary structure, the film and TV industry is probably not the first thing that comes to mind but we think you’d be surprised just how often temporary buildings are required for filming movies and TV shows.

Whether you work in the industry and are responsible for scouting out a perfect filming location or you’re just curious about the behind the scenes of film and TV sets, carry on reading to find out more about how our temporary structure can be used in this industry.

Pop UP TV Studios

According to the Express, around 18 million people in Britain tuned into watch Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry back in May 2018. Many of the people watching the event on their TVs will have watched live broadcasts on the country’s most popular channels including BBC and ITV, which featured presenters sat in pop up TV studios near Windsor Castle and this is where temporary structures get involved!

Those pop up TV studios used by the presenters to commentate the event were great examples of the kind of temporary structures we can provide here at Fews Industrial.

Easy to build and functional for the job, using temporary structures for pop up TV studios for events such as the royal wedding offers the presenters a reliable, durable and temperature controlled environment to broadcast from, hence they are so regularly used for this function.

Bespoke Film Sets

When it comes to filming for movies, having the right location is essential for producing the ultimate final film which means sometimes a bespoke built film set is required.

Although many location scouts will use venues and locations that already exist, sometimes it just isn’t possible to find that perfect space for filming a specific scene and that’s when using a temporary structure to bring your exact vision to life becomes an ideal option.

Our team can work with your team to create the ultimate location for your filming. We can offer a space that not only has the design you need but is also a functional and comfortable space to shoot in thanks to temperature control and different lighting options.

Press Conferences

Whether it’s Formula One, Wimbledon or a football match, press conferences are a big part of sporting events and although many sporting venues will have conference suites set up for these occasions, there are times when a temporary structure is required for hosting press conferences.

Whether the event is being held in an outdoor, open location or the usual conference suite isn’t suitable, we can provide a custom-designed structure to house the exact amount of spectators you’re expecting and work to a layout that is ideal for the talk you’re hosting.

We’re the experts in temporary structures here at Fews Industrial and feel fully confident working on any project you have in mind, so if you need a temporary building for an event, special occasion or other purpose, don’t hesitate to get in contact today!