Temporary Buildings & Structures

Type FI-200

Span 10 – 15m, height of the side wall 5m, bay spacing every 5m.


Main construction molding 150mm x 100mm x 3mm or 170mm x 880mm x 3mm, pressed from 6005 AT6 aluminum alloy, manufactured using an anodized mould.


Steel links made from S355 alloy sections, with dimensions of 70mm x 40mm x 4mm welded and dip galvanized.

Roof Cover

Tarpaulin PVC material with a weight of 670 g/m2 with a non-flammability certificate.

Side Wall Casting

PVC material.
Dip galvanized and coated trapezoidal plate in the T-18 profile color, 0.5mm.
Double layer filled with polyurethane foam, 60mm.