Temporary Car Garages & Showrooms

Our temporary structures can be designed to be the perfect space to both showcase and work on vehicles, so whether you need a temporary car garage at a motoring event or a pop-up car showroom at a convention, we can create the perfect space for you.

Whether you want to go for the classic car showroom look with a clean-cut finish with plenty of space to show off the vehicles and good lighting to bring the space to life or you need a practical space for mechanics and engineering to take place, we can work closely with you to create a bespoke temporary structure to fit your exact needs.

We can provide full lighting and power to your structures as well as fitting features such as rolling or sliding doors to allow for easy access, so whatever additional features you need adding to your temporary building before it can be used as a car garage or showroom, we can provide those.

Pop Up Car Showroom

Car conventions and shows take place up and down the country all year round, so if you’re a car retailer wanting to create a professional and welcoming pop-up car showroom away from your usual retail centre, choose Fews Industrial to help you create a space that feels like a home away from home. We can add features such as rolling doors, large clear windowed walls for good lighting and full power and lighting to make the ultimate car showroom on the go.

Temporary Car Garage

At motoring shows and events, temporary car garages or mechanic centres are a must, so if you need a reliable, fully functioning car garage pitching up at a venue around the UK, we’re here to help! We can create an open, bespoke space

with full lighting and power, rolling or sliding doors for easy access and hard floor to withstand the equipment being placed on top, so look no further for the ultimate pop up car garage than Fews Industrial!

Car Warehouse

As a car dealership that buys and sell vehicles, you just never know how trade is going to go. You get times where you get a lot of cars in and not a lot out and then equally experience periods where you simply can’t replenish stock quick enough but for those times where you have a higher volume of cars waiting to be sold than normal, a temporary warehouse is the perfect way to store them safely whilst also displaying them in a covered and practical way for customers to still view as they would in your normal showroom.


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