Super-Insulated Buildings

When the goods you are storing must be kept within a very low temperature range, we can supply buildings with an enhanced level of insulation.

In addition to insulating the outer roofs and walls, we can fit thermal linings using a 21no. layer multifoil insulation to create a near airtight seal.

Insulated Lining

We use insulated sandwich wall panels with a closed cell building that produces a very high insulation value and ensures very low water vapour permeability.  With the addition of this insulated lining, we are able to maintain any temperature within the structure.

Thermo Roofs and Gables

A unique and innovative addition to temporary buildings, the thermo twin-skin PVC is an air-filled roof which uses an electric pump system to maintain a constant inflation. This roof system eliminates condensation internally and enhances thermal insulation.

Insulated interior walls
Thermo Roof Pump

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