Temporary Buildings & Structures


A Range of Temporary Buildings

Constructed from high grade aluminium and steel, our temporary buildings are engineered to withstand high loads from wind, snow and rain, and are designed to last many years in such conditions. We use fire retardant, durable PVC for the roofs and can fit a variety of wall and roof styles whether you need additional security or enhanced insulation and all our buildings are wind rated and snow loaded to BS6399.

Our flexible and scalable warehouse buildings give you the power to instantly respond to market forces and can be specified in any size.  Typically, we offer up to 8m eave height, and any width or length in 5m bay increments. However, this is not a limitation on what can be designed and built if something different is needed to suit your requirements.

We can offer the following building types to cover every application from cold storage to loading bay canopies. Click a link for more detailed information:

One of the major advantages of a temporary building is the residual value once it’s purpose is fulfilled in a particular location. They can be easily dismantled and moved to to a different location, or even sold, making them a sound business investment.

We are leading providers of temporary buildings. Our professional reputation is built on three key pillars; safe and speedy construction, total reliability regarding on-time delivery, and a laser-focus on customer satisfaction.

Our design and planning process is detailed, meticulous, and uses state of the art design software. The many hours spent are rewarded by seamless delivery and construction phases, ensuring timely completion.

Using only the finest quality stock and latest techniques, our highly skilled teams are constantly seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible in the delivery of temporary buildings.

Our industry accreditations such as MUTA, CHAS and Safe Contractor are all in place, so we meet all the regulatory requirements.

Ground Preparation & Fixings

The best base for any structure is a new or existing concrete pad.  That said, we can build on a variety of surfaces and will adapt our fixings as appropriate.

Why hire or buy a Fews Temporary Building?

Fast and Easy to Install

Our project managers provide a fast, hassle free service, ensuring you get the temporary building you need at a cost that your business will appreciate. Available to hire or buy, we can assemble a 1000sqm capacity building within 24hrs.  As a result you will get your temporary structures when you need them most.

Flexible and Affordable

Our modular designs allow you to easily obtain the desired size and volume of building. We can then help you select from the variety of options to ensure fitness for purpose. Our competitive pricing and flexible rolling contracts for hire, alongside reasonable payment plans for buying our structures, means we can always find an affordable option for you.

High Quality

Constructed from high grade aluminium and other high quality materials, our temporary buildings are resistant to wind, snow and rain, and are designed to last many years in such conditions. We use fire retardant, durable PVC for the roofs and can fit a variety of wall and roof styles whether you need additional security or enhanced insulation.

Short or Long Term Hire

Fews Temporary Buildings are experts in the temporary buildings industry, and we offer full turnkey solutions for a variety of applications. Whether for temporary warehouse, disaster recovery or car showroom we can provide the temporary structure you need. We offer our structures for a few weeks up to many years on flexible rolling contracts to suit your needs.





Enjoy our industry-leading service - pick up the phone and let us do the rest.

Call 01527 821789 or email info@temporarystructures.co.uk

Matt, Barny and Lucy are our dedicated project managers with extensive expertise and experience leading major builds. One of them will guide you through every step of the process.

Bespoke Additions

Thermo Roof

Thermo Roof – A unique and innovative new addition to temporary structures, the thermo roof is an air-filled roof which uses a pump system to inflate and  circulate air at an ambient temperature of around 18 degrees around the space to increase the thermal insulation of the structure which makes for a comfortable space for people but also a safer, more protective storage space for items.

A unique and innovative addition to temporary buildings, this roof system eliminates condensation internally and enhances thermal insulation.

Hard Walls

Designed to be sturdy and secure for a number of our different structures, these solid walls are made with steel, dip galvanized and coated trapezoidal plates and a double-layered disc filled with polyurethane foam to be weather resistant and hardwearing.

Insulated Walls

One of the options you have is the use of insulated walls. We use layered plates in steel linings with a polystyrene core. These offer excellent insulation for maintaining consistent internal temperatures.

Roller Shutter Doors

Ideal for temporary warehousing and loading bays, we offer both high and low usage roller shutter doors with automatic opening and closing which are ideal for busy sites where quick and easy access to the temporary structures is needed.

Sliding Doors

Our sliding doors are made using a high-quality steel material that is durable and hardwearing. Sliding doors offer easy access to temporary storage space thanks to their smooth opening and closing.

Personnel Door

For safety, security and ease reasons, we can fit all of our temporary structures with high quality, super secure personnel doors. Made to the highest standards with top quality materials, our personnel doors can be fitted with simple locking mechanisms or security panels.

Heating & Cooling systems

We understand that the required temperature varies for every temporary structure, depending on its use, so we can offer heating or cooling systems to all of our temporary buildings. Operated using a thermostat system from the inside of the structure, you can set the perfect temperature for your structure no matter what the weather.

Lighting & Power

We know access to full lighting and a reliable power supply is essential in all temporary structures which is why we provide both house and security lighting to all our structures as well as a full generator power system. Although we relay internal power cables fitted with 13, 16 or 32amp sockets to offer the perfect amount of lighting and power for your needs, we do recommend a backup supply of power with a backup generator. We ensure all cables and wires are tidy and kept out of the way for safety.


The British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, so to ensure our temporary structures can withstand the amount of rain they’ll be exposed to, we have fitted all our structures with industrial grade guttering to ensure water is drained properly from the roof of your building and away from the site.