Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

We are experts in the the events industry, and we can offer full turnkey solutions for a variety of applications.

In many cases, your team will want to arrive on location to find everything ready to go and Fews’ project managers are experts in detailed planning; making sure all the right questions are asked to ensure a very smooth handover.

Specialist services for site scanning, ground works are available, and we can assist with planning permission through dedicated partners. Our turnkey solutions are a comprehensive service that ensure the marquee is ready to use immediately. They encompass all the necessary elements and components required to complete the project so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Save Time and Effort

Turnkey solutions save time and effort, allowing you to focus on your core activities while benefiting from a complete and fully functional solution.

Our team of experienced project managers, site managers, foremen and installation crews are focussed on making sure everything is ready to go from day one.

Over the years, Fews has built up a strong network of trusted suppliers, and are able to tap into a deep well of experience to solve any unexpected on-site problems.

Beyond the structure, we can include specialist flooring, lighting, heating, air conditioning and power distribution if required.

Temporary Classroom for RMS for Girls
Plymouth University Temporary Structure

Enjoy our industry-leading service - pick up the phone and let us do the rest.

Call 01527 821789 or email info@temporarystructures.co.uk

Tony, Matt, and Lucy are our dedicated project managers with extensive expertise and experience leading major builds. One of them will guide you through every step of the process.

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