Temporary Structure Planning Permission

Do I need planning permission for a temporary structure?

Temporary structure planning permission is one of the most important considerations when you decide to hire or purchase a temporary building or structure. Even though the building isn’t permanent, that does not mean that planning permission won’t be required. If we refer to the government guidelines, there are certain cases where planning permission WILL be required:


Temporary structure planning permission will be required:

  • If the temporary building will be in use for longer than 28 days
  • If the temporary structure is closer than 5m from your site boundaries
  • If the floor space is greater than 200m2
  • If the building’s volume is more than 25% of the existing building
  • If the building is more than 25% of the area available on your site
  • If assembled structure reduces the space you have for vehicles parking or manoeuvring
  • If the structure materially affects the external appearance of the building

Some exceptions where temporary structure planning permission will not be required

There are certainly some cases where planning permission is not required, for example where a building is in use for less than 28 days and the floor space is less than 200m2.  However, all conditions need to be met, and you may need expert advice on these instances

The majority of cases do need temporary structure planning permission though, and it can take between 8-12 weeks to get a response. Fews offer a comprehensive support package for temporary structure planning permission through our partners, Fisher German and Harris Lamb.  This aspect is sometimes overlooked and considered only as an afterthought, but it can sometimes be complex and the assistance of experts is invaluable.

Fisher German LLP have grown at an impressive rate since established in 2000, with 600 people across a network of 26 UK offices. Many years of sector specific experience have given them a sound understanding of the planning process.

Harris Lamb was established in 1992 to provide commercial property advice on a regional and national basis to clients that include Occupiers, Developers, Property Funds, Investors and Public Sector Organisations.

With our combined experience at your disposal, the process of buying or renting a temporary building should be a straightforward one.  Contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Here is a step by step guide to help you understand whether you require temporary structure planning permission.

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