Part-Insulated Buildings

The ideal solution when the stored products are not temperature sensitive but can be damaged by condensation. Standard single skin walls with a thermo roof will eliminate condensation, giving your stock the required level of protection, especially if you are storing products packaged in paper or cardboard.

Alternatively, you can choose to use insulated walls with a PVC roof if the application demands it.  We are able to provide any combination to deliver the ideal solution.

Thermo Roof with Single Skin Steel Walling

This roof/wall combination is particularly effective where stored items do not need temperature control but are sensitive to water damage, such as those packaged in cardboard.  A Thermo roof twin-skin PVC is an air-filled roof which uses an electric pump system to maintain a constant inflation. This roof system eliminates condensation internally and enhances thermal insulation

Thermo roof with single skin wall

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