Insulated Buildings

How can a Insulated building work for you?

Our temporary insulated buildings are fitted with a combination of inflated thermo roofs and gables, and insulated walling. This combination eliminates condensation build up and is ideal where temperature control is required for either storing temperature sensitive goods or where personnel are expected to work within the building.

Available to hire or buy, each temporary building is individually designed according to client specification by one of our design team.

Insulated Walls

We use insulated sandwich wall panels with a closed cell building that produces a very high insulation value and ensures very low water vapour permeability. The closed cell structure also prevents the core from absorbing water. These panels help maintain consistent internal temperatures.

Thermo Roofs and Gables

A unique and innovative addition to temporary buildings, the thermo twin-skin PVC is an air-filled roof which uses an electric pump system to maintain a constant inflation. This roof system minimises condensation internally and enhances thermal insulation

Insulated Sandwich Panels

Steel sheeting filled with polyurethane foam

Thickness = 40mm as standard (60mm or 100mm also available)

Standard Specifications

  • Widths: 5m – 25m
  • Heights: 3m – 8m
  • Lengths: In 5m bay increments
  • Walls: Steel sheeting filled with polyurethane foam; thickness = 40mm as standard (60mm, 80mm, 100mm or 120mm also available)
  • Roof: Thermo air-filled twin-skin PVC

Any size can be specified and made to order.


Lighting, HVAC, roller shutters, personnel doors, guttering and downpipes, flooring,

Why hire or buy a Fews Temporary Building?

Fast and Easy to Install

Our project managers provide a fast, hassle free service, ensuring you get the temporary building you need at a cost that your business will appreciate. Available to hire or buy, we can assemble a 1000sqm capacity building within 24hrs.  As a result you will get your temporary structures when you need them most.

Flexible and Affordable

Our modular designs allow you to easily obtain the desired size and volume of building. We can then help you select from the variety of options to ensure fitness for purpose. Our competitive pricing and flexible rolling contracts for hire, alongside reasonable payment plans for buying our structures, means we can always find an affordable option for you.

High Quality

Constructed from high grade aluminium and other high quality materials, our temporary buildings are resistant to wind, snow and rain, and are designed to last many years in such conditions. We use fire retardant, durable PVC for the roofs and can fit a variety of wall and roof styles whether you need additional security or enhanced insulation.

Short or Long Term Hire

Fews Temporary Buildings are experts in the temporary buildings industry, and we offer full turnkey solutions for a variety of applications. Whether for temporary warehouse, disaster recovery or car showroom we can provide the temporary structure you need. We offer our structures for a few weeks up to many years on flexible rolling contracts to suit your needs.

Relevant case studies

Bakkavor Temporary Canteen
SSI Shafer Insulated Warehouse
University of Southampton – Temporary Canteen
University of Birmingham – Temporary Classrooms and Lecture Hall
Racing Point Formula One Team – Insulated Storage 
Plymouth University Temporary Classroom

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Risk: What our Health and Safety means for you

Constructing temporary buildings on operational sites requires a skilled workforce with specific qualifications. We provide a tailored service to such sites to make sure that all construction works are isolated and the public is safe. It is of critical importance that we reduce the risk of injury to the lowest possible levels to minimise your liability and protect all stakeholders.  You can trust us, and this is why:

Compliance & Accreditations

Maintaining high professional standards is fundamental to the Fews approach. We have many health and safety, process and environmental accreditations including CHAS Elite, SafeContractor, Constructionline Silver, ISO9001 and ISO14001.

DBS Checked Staff

All personnel involved in the construction process must undergo Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks to ensure a safe and secure working environment in proximity to the public.

Flexible Delivery Schedule

The ability to deliver materials outside of regular hours is essential to minimise disruptions to the ongoing educational activities and ensure the safety of the public and staff alike. This requires coordination and planning to ensure a seamless construction process.

Health and Safety

There are a number of essential accreditations that are required to work in any environment.  Fews also operate on numerous nuclear sites which means a much higher level of training and accreditation.  There is more information on our accreditations and training programmes.

Visibility of Staff and Vehicles

All of our site staff wear branded hi-viz clothing and all of our vehicles are clearly branded for easy identification to ensure the safety of the public and staff.

Safe Public. Safe Crew. Safe You.

Our Health and Safety

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Insulated Sandwich Panel
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Sliding door for vehicle access
Insulated Temporary Building
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Insulated Temporary Building
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Insulated Temporary Building
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Insulated Temporary Building
Thermo roof interior
Insulated Temporary Building
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Insulated Temporary Building
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Insulated Temporary Building
Insulated Temporary Canteen with thermo insulated PVC roof
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Insulated Temporary Building
Glazed double access door
Insulated Temporary Building
Interior of thermo insulated PVC roof with lighting fitted to purlins
Guttering and downpipe
Insulated Temporary Building
Insulated Temporary Building
Thermo insulated PVC roof air circulation pipe

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