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Does a temporary building require planning permission?

Unfortunately, legislation surrounding planning permission for temporary buildings isn’t simple.  However, in short if you plan to use the temporary building for 28 days or more then planning permission WILL be required. Often the application is just a formality especially if the building is going to be erected on business premises and is in keeping with the business operation being practiced there.

We recommend you look up more about planning permissions with your local planning authority.

We are happy to help guide you through this process with any relevant paperwork etc.

How long can a temporary building be up for?

As long as you need it! Our buildings are manufactured and built to last whether your requirements is 3 months, 3 years or 10 years we can recommend the most robust solution to meet your requirements.

Can you heat and cool a temporary building?

Yes, you can. We recommend in either circumstance our double-walled air-filled pockets roof for ultimate climate control.


Can a temporary building be installed in any location?

Yes. As long as you have the relevant planning permissions (where applicable) the beauty of a temporary building is that it can indeed be installed anywhere.

Can a temporary building be installed on any surface?

Yes. A solid concrete base does provide the most optimum surface, we are however experienced at erecting temporary buildings onto all types of surface including hard core, tarmac and grass.

What is the difference between a temporary building and a temporary structure?

Nothing! It’s just different terminology that different companies use. We call them temporary buildings as we believe this best describes their main USP which is that they are “temporary” – they can be installed rapidly and used for short term or long-term requirements.

Are your site visits free of charge?

Yes! This is all part of the service. Wherever you are in the country one of our experienced members of staff will come and visit your site and have a detailed talk through your requirements before proposing the best solution for you.


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