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Sustainable Temporary building supplier

Here at Fews we recognise the importance of operating sustainably and we want to minimise the effects  that we leave on our environment. We take great care when it comes to looking after our sustainability efforts throughout our operations. When working with schools and universities we know just how important it is to your organisation to find a fast, appropriate solution whilst mitigating your own sustainability efforts and ensuring these are up help or improved upon where possible. Fews have a great history when it comes to working within the education sector whilst remaining sustainable where possible.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

We offer very energy efficient structures through optional insulated walls and roofs and ensuring minimum possible heat escape through effective sealing.

Fews has invested significantly in sustainable energy sources, equipment, processes and vehicles over a long period of time including deriving our heat and power from biomass and solar energy.  For more information on our sustainable journey please click here. 

This approach extends to our structures which we maintain before and after use to increase product longevity, as well as offering energy efficient insulation and heating options.

Temporary classrooms come with the following options:

  • Insulated roof and wall panels
  • Deck level cassette floor
  • Simple non-porous plastic to commercial grade non-slip vinyl flooring
  • Radiant cassette heaters
  • Lighting and power distribution
  • Lockable doors
  • Flame retardant materials
  • Discounts for long-term hire
  • A series of accessibility options including ramps and handrails

Energy Efficiency of Our Temporary Buildings

Our temporary insulated buildings are fitted with a combination of inflated thermo roofs and gables, and insulated walling. This combination eliminates condensation build up and is ideal where temperature control is required for either storing temperature sensitive goods or where personnel are expected to work within the building.

Available to hire or buy, each temporary building is individually designed according to client specification by one of our design team

Insulated Walls

We use insulated sandwich wall panels with a closed cell building that produces a very high insulation value and ensures very low water vapour permeability. The closed cell structure also prevents the core from absorbing water. These panels help maintain consistent internal temperatures.

Thermo Roofs and Gables

A unique and innovative addition to temporary buildings, the thermo twin-skin PVC is an air-filled roof which uses an electric pump system to maintain a constant inflation. This roof system minimises condensation internally and enhances thermal insulation

Insulated Sandwich Panels

Steel sheeting filled with polyurethane foam

Thickness = 40mm as standard (60mm or 100mm also available)

Sustainable operations

Fews have heavily invested into our base of operations and our fleet so that our operations can run as smoothly as possible whilst remaining sustainable throughout the process.

Energy Efficient structures

Our structures can be installed with components within the roofs and walls that reduce energy consumption when it comes to heating your building, minimising heat loss. Thermal capacity was vastly improved by a complete seal between walls and roof and the consequent high levels of insulation delivers much more efficient heating, reducing cost and environmental impact. We are also able to provide solar panels on long-term hire temporary buildings to provide an efficient additional power source.

The buildings we supply can be specified with:

  • highly insulated walls,
  • twin skin PVC thermo roofs
  • insulated flooring

These additions can vastly reduce the amount of energy required to heat or cool the structure.

Solar Energy

We have a large number of solar panels installed here at Fews which provide us with clean, sustainable energy that can be re-invested back into our energy consmption leaving us with sustainable energy. Any extra electricity that we purchase from the national grid we have taken measures to ensure that it comes from another sustainable means contributing further to our efforts when it comes to operating sustainably.  Investment in battery technology to store solar generated power to fuel our energy consumption back at our Offices and Yard. This investment allows us to operate with sustainable energy that is consumed at our base of operations, maximising our sustainability from the get go of your project


We have a new PVC cleaning machine which is powered by our biomass boilers which are fuelled sustainably through the use of wood chippings sourced from brash removal and site clearances. We only source waste wood that cannot be used for other purposes.

Sustainable Vehicle fleet

Investments into our fleet have allowed us to ensure our vehicles are reliable, well serviced and with the latest levels of fuel efficiency. Control over this important element of our business ensures we can can provide our high levels of service at the lowest environmental cost.

Our new lorries which are used to transport our kit to your location are fitted with Euro 6 Diesel engine, providing the most fuel-efficient service possible.

Overall sustainability process

Great care is taken by looking after our existing assets and products we use to extend life and remove any needs of premature replacement.

Our sustainable processes are aimed at extending the life of our marquee frames, doors, walls, PVC and linings.

  • All our PVC and linings are washed before and after use to provide the best quality products to our customers. This also allows us to store clean, dry kit which is then stored in our box system to prevent mould and extend life.
  • Our marquee frames, doors and solid walls are all stored in bespoke frames to maintain excellent condition and extend life.


Recycling takes three main forms at Fews:

  • PVC – keeping in excellent condition and resold once it falls below our standards, with otherwise wasted PVC being converted into other usages such as storage bags for our other items.
  • Carpets – Any carpet used we use an approved recycling scheme ensuring it is disposed of sustainably.
  • General Waste – All of our wasted is collected, sorted and recycled by local specialists minimising total wastages .
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