5 Reasons Businesses Need Temporary Structures

There are many reasons why all different types of businesses come to Fews Industrial needing a temporary structure and today we’re going to be sharing 5 of the most common reasons why with you:

1. Seasonal Storage

One of the main reasons retailers, in particular, require temporary structures is for the purpose of seasonal storage. We see an influx of online and high street retailers coming to us before summer and Christmas to get plans in place for seasonal storage to be created as it is so desperately required during these peak times.

Temporary structures are the ideal solution for seasonal storage as this storage space is only required at key times of the year and would end up unused for the rest of the year if they were a permanent fixture, meaning a short term storage space is a much more cost-effective option.

2. Temporary Warehousing

Temporary warehousing is required in different circumstances to seasonal storage and is usually required slightly longer term.

Temporary warehousing can be needed under emergency circumstances, such as scenarios where the usual warehouse is unsafe for use or becomes damaged but temporary storage can also be required during periods of renovation or expansion, where additional or alternative space is needed for storing products.

3. Promotional Venues

Many businesses and brands will take part in promotional events, relevant to their industry and for these occasions, promotional, branded venues will often need to be designed.

We have worked with companies such as Lucozade, Land Rover Jaguar and Rohan to create bespoke structures for promotional events such as shows and exhibitions, creating designs that are not just practical for the uses but that also look great with custom signage.

4. Temporary Offices

There are two main scenarios when businesses may require temporary office space: after an emergency or during renovation but whatever the reason, Fews Industrial can help.

We provide temporary offices and classrooms regularly to accommodate various businesses and educational establishments and can create spacious, practical and comfortable working buildings that can be used for a few weeks, months or as long as required.

5. Canteens/Kitchens

Whether a business’ current canteen/kitchen is currently out of action, they’re relocating sites and their new one isn’t set up yet or they need a pop-up canteen for an event, many businesses need temporary catering space designing on their businesses site.

Our temporary structures are ideal for being used for cooking and hospitality as they have power, lighting and ventilation, creating a spacious and practical area to set up a temporary kitchen that can also be filled with a range of different furniture to create a comfortable dining space too.

Fews Industrial really are the experts at temporary structures, whatever they’re required for, so if you’re a business with a need for a temporary building, get in touch today and see how we can design a bespoke structure for you.

Branded to match your business and built to meet your requirements, our short and long term hire structures really are a blank canvas for you to customise!

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