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Temporary Warehouse

Temporary Warehouse

As much as seasonal changes in demand can be stressful and pressurising for any business, it can be monitored and predicted, but a completely unexpected increase in business can actually go from being a benefit to your business to a logistical headache.

During the summer of 2018, one of our clients, a manufacturing company in Birmingham, needed additional storage space for their business quickly due to a sudden and totally unexpected increase in business. While they were delighted with the new business they had won, in order to keep things running smoothly and avoid the upheaval of moving or renting new additional warehousing, a temporary warehouse was to be installed on their premises.

Requiring a completely dry environment internally, Fews installed thermos pillow roofs and linings to avoid condensation build up. Insulated sandwich wall panels were also installed to help improve the thermal properties.

On calculating their required storage volume, a 15m x 20m clear-span aluminium structure on 4m legs was installed. To aid with easy access via forklift a 5m x 4m sliding door was fitted allowing large stock items to be moved comfortably.

From initial enquiry, the building was completed in under 3 weeks, making sure our client could continue their business without significant disruption.

Width: 15m
Length: 20m
Eaves: 4m
Walls: Composite Sandwich Panels
Roof: 1 pillow roof, 3 condensation sheets
Doors: Sliding bay door