General Election – Getting Ready

It’s been announced – there’s going to be a General Election on December 12th! We can provide purpose-built temporary structures and marquees to councils across the UK for polling stations and counting centres.

Snap elections like this can cause major problems for local councils, especially one called in December – a situation unknown since the early 1970’s. The pressure on venues is at it’s greatest at this time of year with the normal seasonal activity, adding an election into the mix is a particular headache.

Councils across the country will be checking every option hoping that the places they have used previously are available, but this isn’t necessarily going to be the case for a December election when nativity plays and Christmas activities have been long since booked.

We at Fews Marquees can certainly help in this situation, providing fully heated temporary structures at short notice for exactly this kind of purpose. Our structures are flexible, able to fit in almost any location, be it a car park, playground, or any other public area, and can be removed almost immediately after use with a minimum of fuss.

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