How a storage tent can help to solve your storage problems

How a storage tent can help to solve your storage problems

When looking to resolve storage problems created by inventory spikes through fluctuations in sales, a need to smooth out supply chain issues or dealing with an emergency such as fire damage, there are two main options available: renting off-site space in an existing storage facility or hiring a storage tent.

Offsite storage is an immediate solution, but the impact on logistics processes and staff, allied with potential concerns around security and access, can make this option unappealing.

Cost is always a key concern, but also timescales, service and specification also play a part. Sometimes described as warehouse tents, storage tents are a very practical solution for storage problems.
Storage tent UK suppliers can offer great flexibility and can be hired over any period, from short-term hire to many years and can be renegotiated at any time. You may also have the option to buy the structure, should the business case be favourable.

Short Term Storage Tents

There are two distinct storage tent / storage marquee solutions available, the short-term version being the product used for events. In this case the options include PVC or hard ABS walls, lockable doors, and variety of flooring types. Advantages are very fast installation and short-term rental agreements, and can include options such as guttering, downpipes, and heating systems.

For example, an outdoor storage tent can be in place at very short notice giving immediate protection to your inventory. Available in 3 metre to 25 metre widths, and almost unlimited length in either 3 metre or 5 metre bays, this temporary solution can be in place within days. Also, a storage tent can be erected in almost any location, even in surprisingly tight spaces.

Temporary Buildings

For longer term hire (such as periods of a year or more), a temporary building would be the preferred option. Sometimes referred to as a marquee warehouse or industrial storage tent, this option can be built in any size and include insulated walls, insulated roofs, a variety of access doors, and a higher level of security and temperature control.

These temporary buildings are only “temporary” in the sense that they can be relocated, in most other aspects they would meet the definition of their permanent cousins.

If storing temperature-sensitive goods, insulated sandwich panels can be installed to keep your inventory safe. These panels are made from robust steel sheeting and filled with polyurethane foam. The thickness of the panels can be specified from 40mm to 100mm, depending on the level of insulation required.

To boost insulation, our temporary storage buildings can feature a roof system which is designed to eliminate condensation internally while enhancing thermal insulation.

A thermo twin-skin PVC air-filled roof, which uses an electric pump system to maintain a constant inflation can be used when storing goods which are vulnerable to condensation such as cardboard or paper.

The main advantage of a storage tent

Finally, the obvious advantage of a temporary storage tent is location. If you have the space, a temporary storage building can be deployed directly on your premises, close to your existing facility. Logistics can be planned at a distance, but if require your inventory on your premises, then moving to another location, if only temporarily, can be enormously disruptive to your operation.

Fews offer full turnkey solutions, and if you choose Fews as your storage tent supplier, we allocate project managers who will visit your site to make sure the location is suitable and determine the right specification for your needs. Once complete, we hand over the storage tent alongside a management plan, this ensures your small or large storage tent remains fit for purpose for as long as you need it.

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