Three Situations where Temporary Structures are Perfect in an Emergency

When things don’t go as we’d like, or nature throws one of her curve balls, we have to react in the best way we can.  That sometimes means falling back on well laid plans, but at other times we end up dealing with the totally unexpected.  In these times we have to rely on various organisations to ensure our businesses or services can continue to operate. Where temporary structures are needed, a totally reliable supplier is a necessity to ensure that the structure will deliver exactly what is required in double quick time.

1 Emergency Medical Centres

When disaster strikes, be that a storm, earthquake or pandemic, the strain on our National Health Service can be immense, and the availability of hospital beds and triage areas can be totally outstripped by demand.  In this situation, temporary Medical Centres, Hospital Wards and Triage areas can be installed within days of the crisis being recognised.  In addition, temporary disease testing areas can be installed in the form of vehicle canopies or discrete testing centres.

Fews Industrial has experience of providing such facilities and can make the necessary specification recommendations to ensure that the temporary structure is totally fit for purpose.

2 Emergency Classrooms / Lecture Spaces

Fire, flooding, even infestation can put classrooms and lecture spaces beyond use for many months, but the need for schools and universities to continue is paramount. The provision of a secure, well-lit, properly temperature-controlled environment is necessary to make sure that students are able to study.  This can all easily achieved using modern temporary structures, where large windows, lockable doors and air conditioning / heating units that can make sure the temperature is ideal all year round.

Structures can be hired for a few weeks, but also for many years if the need is there.  In most instances, the option to buy will also be available. Fews has provided many temporary classrooms for schools and universities and the suitability of their products for this purpose is without doubt.

3 Temporary Offices / Business Disaster Recovery

If your office is destroyed by fire or flooding, you’ll need to get back to being operational pretty quickly.  This will include restoring key IT functions, communication channels and space for staff to work, and a temporary structure can fit the bill very neatly.  They can be located almost any location, and Fews can provide all of the requirements of a modern office environment within days of a specification being agreed.  Also, with Fews’ flexible, rolling contracts, you needn’t worry about rebuilding your permanent offices in a rush as we can keep your temporary offices pitched and maintained for as long as you need.


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