Temporary Buildings & Structures

Additional Study Space – University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham – The Study on the Green

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, the University of Birmingham sought additional study space for their students to enjoy a comfortable space where they could continue their studies in a socially distanced environment.  There were several places around the site where it was possible to build, and the University sought Fews’ advice about the options available.

The “Green” is a space in front of the main library building and was utilised by Fews to build a Premium marquee 25 metres wide and 40 metres long.

The idea was to promote the space as “The Study on the Green” – an additional temperature-controlled space with socially distanced formal and casual workspaces in a quiet environment.

A Premium marquee was constructed with easy-to-clean hard ABS walling, full-length glass windows to maximise natural light, and locking glass doors with emergency exit bars. Purpose built ramps with handrails provided easy access at each entrance.

The whole structure was built on a level cassette floor system ensuring a robust base and clean environment.

Each workstation required power for laptops and phone charging, and this was provided through a distribution board along with Wi-Fi throughout. Thermostat controlled heating utilising overhead heat ducts offered an ideal environment for quiet study.

Once fully branded, this structure was a perfect addition to one of the UK’s foremost academic institutions.