Part Insulated Temporary Building

A Fews storage solution

Blanson Ltd contacted Fews for a reliable solution for storage requirements outside of their office buildings.

We recommended a part insulated aluminium frame structure with dimensions of 10m wide x 20m long and a side height of 4m. The insulated thermo roof we specified ensured that condensation was not an issue for the stored goods. The 4m side height provided ample clearance for the stacking of goods, enabling efficient use of vertical space. It was necessary for the structure to be installed quickly, so an aluminium solution was ideal for the job.

Once erected the aluminium frame provided stability and durability, making it an ideal option for temporary storage needs, while also ensuring that the goods can were protected against the various weather conditions. The frame also allowed for easy installation of accessories, such as roller shutter doors and ventilation systems, making the structure even more functional and customizable. Additionally, the structure could be easily disassembled and moved, making it a cost-effective and practical choice for the business should the need arise.

For the client the versatility, durability, and spaciousness made it an ideal choice for various storage needs, providing peace of mind and ensuring a safe and secure environment for the storage of goods and equipment.


  • Clearspan Aluminium Frame Structure, 10m Wide x 20m Long with 4m Side Height
  • Bay Length: 5.00m
  • Eave Height: 4.00m
  • Profile: 253mm x 131mm x 3.2/5mm
  • Chemical Anchors to Front Gable Base Plates, All Others Metal Stakes
  • Thermo Insulated PVC Roof Covers
  • Trapezoidal Non-Insulated Steel Sheet Walling to Eave Height
  • 4.8m W x 3.4m H Steel Roller Shutter Door with Electronic Operation
  • Single Steel Personnel Door with Emergency Exit Bar
  • Steel Gutters & Downpipes to Side Elevations
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Part Insulated Temporary Building
Steel panel waling
Part Insulated Temporary Building
Interior of temporary building with steel panel walling
Part Insulated Temporary Building
Interior of temporary building
Framework for the part insulated temporary building
Tree Canopy
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