Embracing the Advantages of Temporary Classrooms, Sports Halls and other Spaces

Temporary structures in education

In the dynamic landscape of modern education, many institutions have found a growing need for additional space for students. This may be due to growing populations, diversification in the curriculum or even as a temporary replacement for old or crumbling infrastructure.

Among these, temporary classrooms have emerged as a viable and practical solution, offering a plethora of benefits that extend far beyond their transitory nature.

Larger spaces such as sports halls, assembly halls and drama studios can be quickly and effectively built to provide perfect solutions for the increasingly common situation.

Let’s delve into the advantages that these temporary structures bring to the educational arena.

Fast Response and Installation

In emergencies we can respond within a few days and our team will advise what is possible on request.

Full Flexibility – A Building to Suit Your Needs

Fews temporary classrooms can built in almost any size. There is no limit in length, with widths of up 25 metres (or wider in some cases). It is also possible to have a two storey version which feature cantilever staircases.

Accessibility for All

Fews Temporary classrooms are built with inclusivity in mind. Access ramps are a standard feature, ensuring compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This commitment to accessibility is a  must in every educational environment, where every student, regardless of their physical abilities, can navigate the space effortlessly.

Ideal Temperature Control

One of the primary concerns in any learning environment is maintaining a comfortable temperature conducive to focus and productivity. Temporary classrooms address this with precision by being equipped with advanced heating and cooling systems. Whether it’s a scorching summer day or a chilly winter morning, these structures ensure an optimal learning atmosphere, creating an environment where students and teachers can thrive.

Exceptional Lighting

Natural light is a fundamental factor in promoting a positive learning experience. Temporary classrooms are designed with excellent lighting solutions, incorporating large windows to maximise the influx of natural light. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the learning space but also positively impacts students’ well-being and concentration.

Versatile Flooring Options

Recognising that different educational activities demand diverse flooring solutions, Fews temporary classrooms offer a range of options. From the warmth of carpets to the practicality of non-slip vinyl, these structures can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each learning space.

Double Glazed Windows and Doors

To minimise external disturbances and create a focused learning environment, Fews temporary classrooms can be equipped with double-glazed windows and doors. This not only enhances security but also aids in noise reduction and increased insulation, allowing students to concentrate without being disrupted by external sounds.

Full Security Measures

Concerns about safety are paramount in any educational setting. Temporary classrooms can address these concerns by incorporating robust security features. From secure locks on doors and windows to advanced alarm systems, these structures prioritise the well-being of students and staff, providing a secure learning environment and a safe place to store materials overnight.

Insulated Walls for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Insulated walls play a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable temperature within the classroom, regardless of external weather conditions. This not only contributes to energy efficiency but also ensures that students can focus on their studies without being affected by external temperature fluctuations.

Fews structures are designed with a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. By incorporating eco-friendly design and energy-saving technologies such as solar panels these structures minimise their environmental impact. This aligns with the broader educational goal of instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in the younger generation.


Building on School Sites: Skills Needed

Constructing temporary classrooms on school sites requires a skilled workforce with specific qualifications:

  • DBS Checked Staff

All personnel involved in the construction process must undergo Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks to ensure a safe and secure working environment in proximity to students.

  • Flexible Delivery Schedule

The ability to deliver materials outside of school hours is essential to minimise disruptions to the ongoing educational activities and ensure the safety of students and staff alike. This requires coordination and planning to ensure a seamless construction process.

  • Health and Safety

There are a number of essential accreditations that are required to work in any environment.  Fews also operate on numerous nuclear sites which means a much higher level of training and accreditation.  There is more information on our accreditations and training programmes here.


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Temporary Gymnasium for Eton College
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