A Bespoke Insulated Storage Structure

Craft Brewery Chilled Storage Area

This well-established Norfolk based Craft brewer once again turned to Fews to help solve their capacity problems for a chilled storage solution.  Having understood the customer requirements we delivered a fully insulated storage structure with a solid roof that achieved exactly what the customer was looking for.

Fews delivered a 10m x 20m structure with a 4m side height, including insulated 60mm sandwich panels to roofs, walls & gables in Green to match the existing onsite buildings.

The building also featured 1x Industrial electric roller shutter door and 1x Single personnel door to comply with building H&S requirements for building ingress and egress.

Ensuring structural stability, Fews implemented and installed chemical anchor bolts into the existing concrete hardstanding and ensured we complied with the relevant BS EN 1991 standards.

Our customer our experts in their industry and they entrusted Fews to deliver an insulated storage facility that was right for them and the existing surroundings.


  • Clearspan Aluminium Frame Structure, 10m Wide x 20m Long with 4m Side Height
  • Profile: 253mm x 131mm x 3/4.5mm
  • Bay Length: 5.00m
  • Eave Height: 4.00m
  • Chemical Anchors
  • 60mm Thick (PIR) Insulated Sandwich Panels to Roofs, Walls & Gables
  • 1x Electric Roller Shutter Doors (4.8m x 3.5m)
  • 1x Single Personnel Doors (2m x 1m)
  • Steel Gutters & Downpipes to Side Elevations
  • Wind Load of 24m/s (with a 1 in 10 wind return period) in accordance with BS EN 1991 (Parts 1-4)
  • Snow Load of 60kg/m2 in accordance with BS EN 1991 (Parts 1-3)
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