A Fews Storage Solution

Storage Solution

When Gebhardt sought a reliable storage facility, they turned to Fews Industrial Structures for a functional and secure solution. Fews delivered a customized 15m x 25m structure with a 4m side height, addressing Gebhardt’s specific requirements.

A 2.5m x 4m sliding door for efficient vehicle access and a steel personnel door for convenient personnel entry. The steel sheet walling guarantees a solid and secure perimeter, creating a safe environment for stored items. To enhance energy efficiency, Fews incorporated a thermo-insulated PVC roof, contributing to reduced energy consumption within the facility.

Amplifying structural stability, Fews fitted earth anchors wherever possible. In areas where traditional anchors couldn’t be installed, weighted anchors were strategically placed to reinforce the storage facility.

Gebhardt, specialists in modular solutions for conveying and warehouse technology, contracted Fews to deliver an industrial storage facility tailored to their needs. The partnership¬†resulted in a bespoke structure that not only met Gebhardt’s requirements but also showcased Fews’ proficiency in providing reliable and efficient solutions for industrial construction projects.


  • Clearspan Aluminium Frame Structure, 15m Wide x 25m Long with 4m
  • Side Height
  • Profile: 253mm x 131mm x 3/4.5mm
  • Bay Length: 5.00m
  • Eave Height: 4.00m
  • Earth Anchors included
  • Thermo Insulated PVC Roof Covers
  • Trapezoidal Non-Insulated Steel Sheet Walling to Eave Height
  • Single Non-Insulated Steel Personnel Door with Emergency Exit Bar
  • 2 x 5m x 4m Steel Sliding Doors
  • Steel Gutters & Downpipes to Side Elevations
  • Wind Load: Site Specific according to BS6399
  • Snow Load: 60kg/m2;
  • 1000kg Concrete Weights “Anchor Block”
  • 1000kg Concrete Weight “A3 block”
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Steel sliding door and personnel door
Second steel sliding door and steel gutters & downpipes
2.5m x 4m steel sliding door for vehicle access
Interior of thermo insulated PVC roof
Trapezoidal non-insulated steel sheet walling
Interior of storage structure with trapezoidal steel sheet walling
Tree Canopy
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