Temporary Buildings & Structures

Emergency A&E Waiting Area

Temporary A&E Waiting Area

When Addenbrooke’s Hospital, part of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, came to us requesting an urgent temporary A&E waiting area to provide extra space, we reacted quickly to understand the requirement and limited space which we had to work in.

Addenbrooke’s provides emergency, surgical and medical care for people in the Cambridge area and is also a regional centre of excellence for specialist services such as organ transplantation, neurosciences, paediatrics and genetics.

The Fews Solution

After surveying the site, it was immediately clear to our project team that many stakeholders would need to be involved, and that careful planning was going to be crucial.  The only space available for the temporary building was on main road next to the A&E department which meant a series of permissions would need to be obtained and logistical issues overcome.

We built a 5m x 10m structure on a 3m leg, secured by weighted blocks to avoid any damage to the surface.  A bespoke ramp with handrails provided easy access for patients, leading to lockable double doors.  Non-slip vinyl flooring offered a safe surface, with overhead infra-red heating and lighting ensured a comfortable space to wait.

Even including the extra planning required due to the various permissions needed to build the structure, we managed to complete the project quickly ensuring the hospital had the additional waiting area exactly when they needed it.

Here’s a report on BBC News about the structure: