Emergency Temporary Exam Hall solution for Ark Boulton Academy

About our Temporary Exam Hall solution for Ark Academy

Fews were called to assist another Ark academy facility during the current RAAC crisis which is having a disruptive effect on hundreds of schools up and down the nation. Ark Academies were quick to act with the organisation of a solution from Fews, ensuring minimal disruption to educational activities through quick actions combined with Few’s rapid operational times and flexibility.

The collaboration between Fews and Ark Academy has resulted in another successful temporary solution for their onsite facilities. The solution provided a large space in place for an exam hall during vital exam periods.

Fews have been trusted by Ark Academies during these uncertain times of crisis to quickly and safely deploy multiple structures across numerous sites to cater to their quick solutions for their experiences with the RAAC crisis.

The Fews Solution

The structure was integrated within the school’s location and was built upon a hardstanding, existing, playground, leaving enough space in the remaining playground so that it was still safe to use for students. Fews safely secured the structure to concrete weights on each leg to secure the structure to the existing surface. Strapped and secured, covered weights that were placed strategically to ensure safe usage around the perimeter of the structure in the playground.

DDA Compliant ramping was used on the accesses to the structure ensuring usage of the structure was inclusive and safe to use.

Non-slip commercial grade vinyl flooring was implemented across the whole interior floor surface as requested by the client to aid with the ease of cleaning and safer flooring providing better grip and further reducing health and safety risks.

40mm ISO panel walling was provided to enclose the structure to increase insulation capabilities which will in hand reduce cost and environmental effects when it comes to heating the structure.

Thermo-insulated PVC roofs covered the structure, ensuring further safety of the students using the structure and contributing to the reduction of heat loss, providing more insulation thus reducing energy consumption.

A secure site compound was used by the crew from Fews to facilitate their welfare area, creating the least possible disruption whilst working on site. This secure compound allowed Fews to operate and build the structure whilst reducing potential risks to staff and pupils at the Academy.

A compound remained on-site to the rear of the structure being built to cordon off the heaters and other equipment behind the structure. This kept a safe and secure separation between the heating appliances and staff and students.

Fews Procedures When Working in Schools

Building structures on the site of a school, college or university presents unique challenges in both the structure specification and the procedures we adhere to.  In terms of the structure we focus on these things:

  • The structure is fit for purpose, whether that’s a classroom, sports hall or canteen
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable – we use insulation, and double glazing to make them easy to heat and cool
  • A proper environment for learning in terms of temperature and external noise levels
  • All-access ramps are DDA-compliant
  • Our site crews are fully trained 

Our RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) contains these items to ensure extra safety when schools are open during the build:

  • All site crew hold a current DBS
  • We try to schedule deliveries and other vehicle movements outside of school opening hours to ensure student safety
  • We have qualified Banksmen to guide vehicles during school hours when necessary to ensure there are no accidents involving students
  • Site safety and a safe learning environment are a priority at all times

Further information:

Fews Health and Safety 

Our Accreditations 

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  • 15m x 25m Clearspan Premium Structure on 3m Leg
  • Thermo Insulated PVC Roof Covers
  • Plastic Gutters & Downpipes to Side Elevations
  • ISO Thermal Insulation wall Panels
  • Cassette Ring Beam Floor System with Phenolic Board Finish
  • Concrete Weights for Premium Structure with White Polythene Cover
  • 2 x 2.5m Glass Double Door (3m Leg) with Emergency Exit Bar
  • White Soft Overhead Ducts for Indirect Heater


  • 3m x 2.25m Platform and 2.25m x 3m DDA compliant Ramp with Warm to Touch Handrails


  • Fully ducted indirect diesel-fired heaters with long-life fuel tanks and backup heater


  • LED lights with prismatic diffusers
  • LED emergency exit lights
  • Emergency flood lighting
  • Electrical distribution board


  • Non-slip commercial-grade vinyl floor covering
Exam hall structure
Heating ducting below ridge line
Exam space configuration
Non-slip commercial grade vinyl flooring
Thermo insulated PVC roof
40mm ISO thermal insulated panel walling
40mm ISO thermal insulated panel walling
Non-slip commercial grade vinyl flooring
DDA compliant ramping
Glazed double access door with DDA compliant ramp
Weight blocks secured to structure
Thermo insulated PVC roof
Secure compound for heating equipment to the rear of the structure
40mm ISO thermal insulated panel walling
Tree Canopy
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