Providing temporary mortuaries in times of crisis for Kent County Council

Mortuary Solution

In the face of the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kent County Council sought to mitigate the impact by establishing relief areas for the deceased. Fews, renowned for its adaptable and quality solutions, played a crucial role in constructing a temporary mortuary marquee tailored to Kent County Council’s unique requirements.

Fews Solution

A clearspan Premium Structure provided a versatile setup with a partition that helped organize spatial arrangements. The roof, gables & walls consisted of multifoil reflective linings, with multiple layers of insulation, creating a near-airtight seal that ensured a controlled environment amidst challenging circumstances. An additional canopy was provided for privacy and a dignified atmosphere from within.

The Vinyl Floor offers functionality and safety as it is easy to clean or replace when needed.

LED lights illuminated the space efficiently. LED Emergency exit lights and emergency flood lights enhanced safety measures and an anemometer, mobile fire alarm system, call point & smoke alarms added another layer of security and compliance.

Operational Approach

Fews approached this project with agility and empathy, understanding the urgency and sensitivity of the situation. Working closely with Kent Resilience, the team ensured that the structure met the technical specifications aligned with the mission’s human aspects – providing a functional space during a challenging time.

Contributing Values:

  1. Adaptability: Fews demonstrated its adaptability by customising the structure to meet the specific needs of a temporary mortuary, ensuring a seamless and practical solution.
  2. Efficiency: The construction process was executed efficiently, reflecting Fews’ commitment to timely delivery which is crucial during urgent times
  3. Quality: The use of premium materials and advanced specifications ensured a robust structure that could withstand the demands of the situation.


Fews played a pivotal role in supporting Kent County Council’s efforts to address the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The temporary mortuary marquee provided by Fews not only met the technical requirements but also embodied the company’s core values of adaptability, efficiency, and quality, making a meaningful contribution during a critical time.



  • 20m x 45m Clearspan Premium Structure with Curved PVC Roof on 3m Leg
  • Partition for 20m Premium Structure
  • 20m x 40m Keder Fed Roof, Gable & Wall Multifoil Reflective Linings with 21no. Layer Insulation Providing Near Airtight Seal
  • White PVC Split Lace Wall
  • ABS Walling
  • 5m Glass Double Door with Emergency Exit Bar
  • 75m x 3.75m Platform and 2.5m x 2.5m Ramp with Steel Hand Rails
  • 5m Timber Steps & Black Painted Timber Hand Rail with Black Astro Covering
  • 1000kg Concrete Weight(s)



  • 20m x 40m of Cassette Ring Beam Floor System with Phenolic Board Finish
  • Iguana Vinyl Floor – Commercial Grade Non-Slip with 18mm Chipboard Underlay



  •  150w LED Low Bays c/w microwave switching, fully automatic
  •  100w LED Low Bays c/w microwave switching, fully automatic
  • (LED) Emergency Exit Lights
  •  (LED) Emergency Flood Light
  • Anemometer
  •  Mobile Fire Alarm – Base Station, Call Point & Smoke Alarms

Safe Public. Safe Crew. Safe You.

Fews continue to invest in our overall training and accreditations so that the health and safety standards during our operations combined with our ever-growing list of accreditations allows us to work fluently, whatever the industry or facility.

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Body trays and super insulated thermo roof and walls
Exterior of Mortuary with weights to ensure long term usage
Tree Canopy
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