QM Systems Temporary Warehouse

Temporary Warehouse, Seasonal Storage

QM Systems required some emergency temporary warehousing space to meet seasonal summer demand for around 16 weeks. The temporary building needed to be sited on an a concrete area close to the main warehouse.

The Fews Solution

We provided a 10m x 20m clearspan temporary warehouse building with single skin PVC roof on a 4 metre leg. 5m steel hard-walling was installed with fire escape / personnel doors in the side elevation, and a 4.9m x 5m sliding door on the gable.


  • 10m x 20m Clearspan Structure with Single Skin PVC Apex Roof on 4m
  • Wind Loading: 28m/s (101kmph)
  • Base-plate Anchoring: 6 x Ground Anchors Drilled into Concrete (per
  • Steel Hard-Walling (4m Leg)
  • Personnel/Fire Escape Doors
  • 4900mm x 5000mm Steel Sliding Door


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Temporary Warehouse Building
Equipment delivered to site
Temporary Warehouse Building
Equipment delivered onto site
Temporary Warehouse Building
Framework profiles
Temporary Warehouse Building
Elbow profiles
Temporary Warehouse Building
Steel hard walling with personnel door
Temporary Warehouse Building
Single skin PVC roof and steel sliding door
Tree Canopy
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