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Onsite storage space

When usable space onsite is at a premium but the urgent need for additional covered area still remains, we at Fews Industrial Structures will gladly work with as no challenge is too big or indeed too small.   This is exactly the scenario this customer found themselves in and when others could not deliver, Fews took up the baton and worked with the customer to find a workable solution.  At Fews, we do not just offer solutions A, B or C, we work with our customers to find the right structure for them, even if it is a smaller than normal size.

The design featured our single-skin PVC roofs & gables and single sheet steel cladding doors with a heavy-duty industrial sliding door.

Ensuring structural stability, Fews implemented and installed chemical anchor bolts into the existing concrete hardstanding and ensured we complied with the relevant BS EN 1991 standards.

Our customer deals with very sensitive chemical waste so a practical and quick solution to cover their stillages and collection bins was of vital importance to their day-to-day business operations.


  • Clearspan Aluminium Frame Structure, 8m Wide x 30m Long with 6m Side Height
  • Profile: 253mm x 131mm x 3/4.5mm
  • Bay Length: 5.00m
  • Eave Height: 6.00m
  • Chemical Anchors
  • Thermo Insulated Roofs & Gables
  • Trapezoidal Non-Insulated Steel Sheet panels
  • Steel Gutters & Downpipes to Side Elevations
  • 1x Industrial Sliding Door (4.0m x 4.0m)
  • Wind Load of 24m/s (with a 1 in 10 wind return period) in accordance with BS EN 1991 (Parts 1-4)
  • Snow Load of 60kg/m2 in accordance with BS EN 1991 (Parts 1-3)
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Temporary storage building
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