Trailer Manufacturer – Temporary Work Area



A production facility for a trailer manufacturer

Due to a significant upturn in demand, our client, a trailer manufacturer, contacted Fews about a temporary building for a production space to assemble trailer components.  The company needed to organise production quickly at low cost, so made the decision to use a temporary building.   The usage did not require specific temperature outside the comfort of the workforce, but the building did require large sliding doors, and also windows to maximise natural light.

We analysed the production process and the flow of components before making our recommendation.

The Fews Solution

There was no need for insulated sandwich panels as the building was going to be open most of the time and required lots of natural light, so we provided an aluminium structure covered by high quality PVC, with eave high sliding doors and windows to maximise natural light.  We did not need to heat the entire building, but provided radiant heaters to ensure comfortable working conditions.  The build took no more than four days, and production was able to commence within a very short period of time, meeting the clients requirements

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Temporary Structure
PVC walling and roof
Temporary Structure
Sliding door access
Tree Canopy
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