Vaccination and Medical Centres

Request for Temporary Vaccination and Medical Centres

The South Birmingham NHS Primary Care Trust urgently required a number of vaccination stations and medical centre extensions across Birmingham to support their efforts in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

The focus was on how fast we could provide practical and effective turnkey solutions across the region for waiting areas, vaccination stations, observation units and other medical requirements. In addition, it was crucial the the on-site teams were using COVID-safe processes and procedures.

The Fews Solution

Once we had the initial requests it was clear that each location presented different problems.  Some places had restricted access, and in other cases the sites themselves were tight and awkward to build a marquee on.  Providing a turnkey solution in each instance was essential so we had to be resourceful during the builds.

The marquees had to be fit for purpose for each centre, so the specifications differed in each case. Across the sites we provided wall mounted infra-red heaters, medical bay partitions, LED lighting and a variety of flooring including non-slip hospital grade vinyl flooring.  Robust access ramps were installed at each entrance and exit point.  Each structure was anchored by weights to avoid any damage to surfaces.

Ongoing support included fuel management for the generators, and regular inspections to ensure a safe environment.

Through the crisis our teams have developed COVID-19 protocols to ensure a safe environment for them and others in the vicinity of the site, including regular temperature testing, sanitising, and the use of welfare vehicles.

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