Webbs Restaurant Extension



Webbs restaurant extension

Webbs is a leading garden and lifestyle retail centre and regional tourist attraction in rural Worcestershire. Founded in the mid-1800’s, they have been the appointed seedsmen for a succession of monarchs from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II. Webbs have developed over time to include multiple sites, a large lifestyle retail offering, food hall and restaurant. At Christmas, a large Santa grotto is built along with an ice skating rink.

We were asked to provide a structure to extend their existing restaurant over the Christmas period to accommodate the hugely increased footfall.

The Fews Solution

A 10m x 15m Clearspan Premium Structure with Apex PVC roof on a 3m leg with a white flat pulley roof and gable linings was the ideal solution in this case. Glass and ABS walling was used with small areas covered by MDF and painted corporate green. A cassette ring beam floor was covered by a light oak wood effect vinyl covering.

The marquee was connected to the main building by a 3m x 1m x 3m timber frame with white PVC covering.

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Glazed double access door with ramp access
Bespoke joining to existing door of original restaurant
Glass panel walling
Glass panel walls and vinyl flooring
Lined rooves to ensure a natural spread of lighting
Connection to existing doors of restaurant
Double access door with emergency push bar
Seating arrangements within structure
Tree Canopy
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