Fews Response to the RAAC crisis

Fews Response to the RAAC crisis

Following the government announcement on the RAAC issue affecting schools in early September, a developing situation encompassing many public sector buildings such as universities, hospitals, rest homes, council offices, libraries amongst a series of private theatres and halls.

In many cases the result has been temporary closure while inspections and  reparation works have begun, meaning alternatives are being actively sought.

Over the coming months the demand for high quality temporary and semi-permanent buildings is likely to significantly increase to service the problem.


Fews has a long history providing such high quality, turnkey solutions in almost every sector including education at all levels, the NHS and associated businesses, public sector, construction, nuclear, logistics and the retail sector, and are ready with the right solutions in every case.

Due to extensive investment in safety accreditations, staff training and high quality products Fews are able to build safely in any environment and can offer temporary classrooms, sports halls, canteens, assembly halls, offices and even theatres.

After the September announcement we immediately provided robust solutions for a school in Warwick and at Oxford University.  Details can be found in a case study here.

Sustainability and Long-Term Viability

Temporary structures are not just a stopgap measure. They can be designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating energy-efficient features and environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, they offer the flexibility to adapt and expand as schools’ needs change over time, ensuring a long-term solution.

At Fews Temporary Buildings, we pride ourselves in the efforts we make in terms of sustainability. Whether it’s the purchase of new trucks which create lower emission levels or the purchase and use of bio-mass boilers and solar within our headquarters that help power our office and warehousing, as a business we operate with the most sustainable solutions possible. Find out more about Fews’ sustainability journey here.

The RAAC concrete crisis has posed significant challenges to the UK, but with the help of temporary structures, these challenges can be overcome. By embracing these innovative solutions, we can continue to provide quality education and other services while addressing critical safety concerns. It’s a testament to resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity, ensuring that the future remains bright, even in challenging circumstances.

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Temporary classroom space
Temporary classroom space entrance with access ramp
Temporary canteen
Temporary student union space
Temporary Assembly Hall
Temporary assembly hall
Temporary assembly hall
Temporary gymnasium exterior
Temporary canteen interior
Manhattan structure exterior
Manhattan Temporary Structure
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Manhattan structure interior seminar room
Manhattan structure interior staircase
Manhattan structure interior meeting room
Manhattan structure interior
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