How We Create Temporary Gyms and Health Clubs

One use for our temporary structures you may not have thought of is for pop up gyms, health clubs and sports training facilities and it is actually a service we offer a lot.

When sporting tournaments and competitions are taking place, sponsors will often provide temporary gyms and training spaces for the competitors to workout and train before their events, allowing them to be in full fitness when the starting whistle blows.

So, how do we create the very best temporary gyms?

  1. Wide, High Spaces

In our experience of designing these types of structures, wider and higher buildings work best to fit all of the fitness equipment comfortably, providing the most spacious setup.

Narrow spaces can make it difficult to use gym equipment properly if it is too cramped together and as some fitness equipment can be quite tall, a higher structure allows for everything to fit properly into the space.

  1. Level Cassette Flooring

We use specialist ‘level cassette flooring’ in our temporary gyms and sports facilities as it is a well-known option for strong, robust and sturdy flooring.

Cassette flooring is made of interlocking panels that offer great strength and a steady, even surface that means equipment is sat evenly to be able to work properly but if you want your flooring to have more bounce or to be softer under feet, other materials can be layered for a different finish.

  1. Temperature Regulation

We are able to install heating and air conditioning systems into all of our structures and these are both integral to ensure the conditions inside temporary gyms are right.

Depending on the sport the athletes are training for, different temperature conditions are required for the best possible training, some benefiting from tropical heats and other needing sub-zero temperatures, so having both heating and air conditioning options available allows for temperatures to be regulated and adjusted.

  1. Thermo Efficient Roofing

The perfect partner to our climate control systems is our Thermo Efficient Roofing, a roofing system designed specifically to maintain the perfect temperature, keeping the space warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

Thermo efficient roofing looks sleek and provides a great aesthetic to the gym as well as being practical in working with the heating systems to create the perfect atmosphere.

  1. Multiple, Well-Sized Entrances

When it comes to kitting out a temporary gym, multiple entrances of a good size are essential for getting equipment in and out.

We mentioned above the importance of the actual structure being the right size but it is also essential that entrances are a functional size for equipment to be brought in and out with ease and multiple entrances allow for these temporary fitness areas to be installed and ready for action quickly.

Our pop up gyms are always in high demand when big sporting events come around but whatever the reason you need a temporary fitness facility, get in touch with the team at Fews Industrial and get your bespoke design created!

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