Permanent vs Temporary Buildings: Choosing the Right Structure

Permanent vs Temporary Buildings

Are you facing the decision of whether to invest in a temporary or permanent structure? The choice can be more complex than it appears at first glance. It all boils down to the specific needs you have for your structure, and once you’ve figured that out, the rest falls into place. Here, we’ll explore the advantages of choosing a temporary structure over a permanent one and why it might be the best solution for you.

Why opt for a Temporary Structure?

Temporary structures are the perfect choice when you require additional space for a shorter period. These structures may not last forever, but they offer unique benefits you won’t find with permanent options.

Versatile Placement

One of the standout features of a temporary structure is its ability to be placed on any hardstanding surface. This eliminates the need for traditional foundations, making it an excellent solution if you want flexibility in both location and reduced construction costs. No need for time-consuming and expensive foundation work!

Quick and Cost-Effective Assembly

The modular design and lightweight components of temporary structures allow for faster assembly, which ultimately cuts down on transportation and labor costs.

Flexible Costs

Temporary structures offer the advantage of flexible cost structures. You can opt for short- or long-term rentals, tailoring the expense to the specific duration of your project. This adaptability ensures you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Easy Relocation

In the world of flexibility, temporary structures take the crown. Their ease of relocation means you can move your structure wherever it’s needed, maximizing its utility for your business or project. Whether you have changing site requirements or multiple locations, a temporary structure can adapt with ease.

Why Choose Fews Temporary Structures?

Fews has been a reliable name in the temporary structure industry for years, offering both temporary and permanent solutions. When you choose Fews, you’re partnering with a team that guides you from initial planning to project completion, ensuring the highest quality at every step.

Commitment to Sustainability

Fews takes environmental sustainability seriously and incorporates it into their long-term planning. Our temporary structures as a whole can be taken down and rebuilt elsewhere therefore the whole fabric of this structure is sustainable and reusable.  We actively embrace sustainable working practices, from using biomass heaters to employing solar panels and maintaining a fuel-efficient vehicle fleet. Fews recognizes the importance of sustainable practices to their customers and is committed to operating sustainably while providing a solution for you.


In conclusion, when considering whether to invest in a temporary or permanent structure, it’s crucial to weigh the advantages of each option against your specific needs. Temporary structures, with their versatility, cost-efficiency, and sustainability focus, can be the perfect solution for a wide range of projects. And with a trusted partner like Fews, you can ensure quality and sustainability in your structure, regardless of whether it’s temporary or permanent. Make the right choice for your business – choose flexibility, choose Few

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