Temporary Retail Structures, Social Distancing Solutions

Temporary Retail Structures – Social Distancing Solutions

As the coronavirus/Covid-19 measures escalate daily, there is an urgent need for social distancing solutions for the operational retail sector. We have some ready-developed temporary structure solutions to assist supermarkets and others in their response to the crisis.

Within these solutions we must consider the welfare and processes of our onsite teams to prevent cross-contamination. Robust procedures have been developed to ensure the teams are themselves safe whilst protecting the safety of others.

To offer turnkey solutions, other things need to be in place such as a network of reliable suppliers, professional on-site technicians, and access to a well-maintained fleet of vehicles. All these factors are in place at Fews Industrial, making these very robust propositions for the retail sector in these very testing times.

  • Widths up to 30m
  • Eave heights 2.3m, 3m, 4m (15m in our Igloo structure)
  • Heating, Air Conditioning, Lighting
  • Various flooring
  • Choice of walls and roofs
  • Can be built on hard standing surfaces
  • Stock in the UK
  • Nationwide Coverage.

Drive Though Temporary Structure

1. Temporary Drive-Through Collection Structures for Retail

We can provide temporary retail drive-through structures for customers to collect their shopping from supermarkets and other retail outlets by creating a bespoke solution to suit any store layout. As the current crisis progresses with there is likely to be an increased demand for drive-through, low contact collection facilities.

In each case we can offer a variety of solutions, from simple canopies to a full drive-through “store” with hatches and storage.

2. Cover for Customers Queuing Outside Stores

In order to ensure government social distancing guidelines are respected, customers are being asked to queue outside stores, sometimes completely exposed to the elements. We can provide temporary canopies to provide shelter, and offer a more comfortable environment.

3. Temporary Store Extensions

In the current situation it may be necessary to extend a supermarket to accommodate increased capacity, and the need for social distancing. We are able to build structures very quickly, and with the minimum of disruption to the business.

4. Temporary Storage

If demand suddenly increases in a particular location, then extra local storage could be required. Temporary, temperature controlled, secure warehousing can be very quick to build, and is a practical solution to the problem. We can build on hard floor or grass and design around some obstructions.

Our temporary warehouses can be constructed in a matter of days and can be kept in place for as long as you need them, The current situation is very uncertain, so you can keep your temporary warehousing solution on a rolling basis until we return to relative normality.

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