Three Brands You’ll Know That Have Used and Loved Fews

Here at Fews, we love every event we get to work at and are honoured to have been chosen by every and any client that comes to us but there are some customers that the public may be more familiar with than others.

We’ve been privileged over the years to work with some fantastic brands and businesses, some of which are national and global names and today we wanted to share 3 of those with you and who knows, the structures we created for them may even inspire the venue for your next event!


We’ve all enjoyed a Lucozade before, so its needless to say we were thrilled to collaborate with the sports drink brand back in 2014 on a campaign they were running alongside the World Cup in Brazil!

The concept was to give up and coming football enthusiasts a chance to try their skills on a World Cup inspired pitch that mimicked the feel and even temperature of the one currently being used in Brazil, so that’s exactly what we created!

We constructed two conjoining temporary structures, one of which had a football pitch set up inside and we used our heating systems to the set the temperature to scorching, bringing the heat of Brazil to Canary Wharf!

Both structures were finished with Lucozade branding to get the business name out to passers-by and the final result was a vibrant, functional and exciting space – perfect for a hands-on marketing campaign!

Worcester Warriors

Worcester Warriors are one of the UK’s most successful rugby teams, so when their usual training gym needed a refurbishment, they needed a reliable, purpose-built space to ensure they could stay in prime shape in the run-up to their matches, so they came to Fews Industrial.

We created a custom designed, temperature controlled pop up gym for the Worcester Warriors team that they then filled with their equipment so their usual training regimes could continue undisturbed.

We designed a premium structure that met their size requirements, made using ABS wall panels and a thermos efficient roof to ensure improved temperature control and the temporary space performed perfectly while their usual gym was being refurbished.


Rohan is a well-known outdoor clothing brand in the UK, so when it came to designing a pop-up store for an event, it was essential that the quality, branding and atmosphere of the structure was just right.

Rohan needed a retail space, separate stock room and separate office space for the event, all of which needed to be made to the strongest quality and have external branding. The retail space needed branded internal changing rooms as well as an interior design that mimicked that of their high street stores.

We used our best premium structures with a mixture of ABS and glass panelled walls which allowed the sides to have windows, similarly to a permanent retail space where products and branding could be promoted.

The structures were located at Blenheim Park for Countryfile Live and the feedback off the brand and customers was fantastic!

So, they’re three brands you’ll definitely have heard of but they’re just a handful of the big businesses who have trusted Fews Industrial to construct their temporary structures. We’ve worked with local landmarks such as Buxton Pavilion Gardens, huge corporate clients such as SSI Schafer and much loved venues such as Holkham Hall, so whatever size your business, if you need a structure, we’re here to help.

Get in touch with the Fews Industrial team today and let’s discuss your upcoming event or project!

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