Three Scenarios Where Seasonal Storage May Be Required

One of the main reasons temporary structures are required is for seasonal storage, usually by businesses who supply products to their own stores or other retailers and there are times of the year where demand for items is higher than others and this is when additional storage is required.

We see a lot of clients coming to us for seasonal storage for similar reasons, so we thought we’d share with you the three most common scenarios we see occurring throughout the year that call for additional storage.


Short and simple and in little need of explanation, Christmas. Every retailer ups their stock orders around the Christmas period but did you know this influx of buying and selling can actually start around September?

Whether it’s a food retailer, clothing store, garden centre or another kind of shop, more stock is nearly always required during the festive period due to increased footfall and a higher demand for items as everyone is buying gifts but where do shops store this extra stock?

Their usual warehouses often reach capacity way before all the stock has been stored, so additional space is required and that is best sourced in the form of a temporary structure that can be custom built to suit the individual brands’ needs.

Summer in the Outdoors Industry

From garden centres to outdoor clothing retailers, spring and summer are very busy seasons with more and more people taking to the outdoors to socialise and explore but what that means is that these brands need to up their stock levels to keep up with their customer’s shopping.

From garden centres stocking more BBQs and outdoor toys to outdoor kit retailers stocking extra clothing and footwear, there are many different retailers who consider summer to be one of their peak trading times and their standard stock rooms can very quickly become inadequate for the stock they’re needing to house, which is where Fews Industrial can help!

End of Season Sales

A lot of retailers will run end of season sales but when the end of season sales take place, new stock has usually already landed at the store but as the shop floor isn’t ready for it yet, it has to be held elsewhere which can cause a massive issue behind the scenes.

Shop stock rooms can become overrun with stock, as does the shop floor, so having additional space where new stock can be held while sale stock is cleared is a massive helping hand and ensures things can run in the store much smoother.

End of season sales quite commonly happen at the end of Summer and in January, so these are peak times for retailers needing additional storage space.

There’s also adhoc occasions throughout the years when different business may need additional storage that doesn’t fit with the trends we see but there are key periods in the calendar that the majority of retailers would benefit from extra storage space and with the help of Fews Industrial, they can easily get that!

If you’re a business wishing to discuss the possibility of seasonal storage or a temporary structure of another kind, call 01527 821789 to speak to one of the Fews Industrial team today.

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