Will temporary structures and marquees be needed for the May 2021 elections?

With local elections just around the corner, councils will be looking to temporary structure and marquee solutions to solve the space issues they may face.

Following the postponement due to Covid-19 of the local elections in 2020, we can now expect them to be held on 6th May 2021.  These will probably take place alongside the elections for the parliaments of Wales, Scotland, and London’s mayoral contest.

In addition, there will be elections for thirteen directly elected mayors in England and 40 police and crime commissioners in England and Wales.

With many buildings typically used for local and general elections being used for other Covid-related purposes, such as vaccination and testing centres, there may be a need for temporary structures and marquees to be used in some areas for polling stations and counting centres.

There is certainly a recent precedent for such a move.  The December 2019 election was the first winter election for 45 years, and usual venues were already booked for festive events.  The temporary structure and marquee industry stepped in on that occasion and is likely to be called upon again.

Our temporary structures and marquees are certainly up to the task, with clear-span structures of up to 25 metres width available, which can be heated and lit to provide a very comfortable and secure environment.

Fast installation and de-rig means that space will be taken up for only a short period of time making the planning and implementation a much simpler exercise.

So the question for council planners is – are you ready?

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