Temporary School Buildings for Schools affected by the RAAC Concrete Crisis

Our Expertise as a Supplier

Fews brings a wealth of knowledge and experience within the education sector to the table, having worked with schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK. With years of experience in the temporary school structure industry we understand the unique requirements of schools in crisis situations and can provide tailored solutions that prioritise safety, functionality, and compliance with regulations. We can work closely with schools to assess their needs, design suitable structures, and ensure timely installation.

The uncertain nature of a crisis like this provides a difficulty in the estimation of the longevity of the crisis and the timeframe a school needs a structure, therefore we offer the flexibility needed so that schools can overcome this crisis, with out having to go through a similar event again.

Sustainability and Long-Term Viability

Temporary school structures are not just a stopgap measure. They can be designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating energy-efficient features and environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, they offer the flexibility to adapt and expand as schools’ needs change over time, ensuring a long-term solution.

At Fews temporary structures, we pride ourselves in the efforts we make in terms of sustainability. Whether it’s the purchase of new trucks which create lower emission levels or the purchase and use of bio-mass boilers and solar within our Headquarters that help power our office and warehousing, as a business we operate with the most sustainable solutions possible. Find out more about Fews’ sustainability journey here.

The RAAC concrete crisis has posed significant challenges to UK schools, but with the help of temporary structures, these challenges can be overcome. By embracing these innovative solutions, schools can continue to provide quality education while addressing critical safety concerns. It’s a testament to resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity, ensuring that the future of our students remains bright, even in challenging circumstances.


Temporary Buildings for Schools as a Swift Response

Fews Temporary School Buildings offer a rapid response to the RAAC crisis. These modular school structures can be deployed quickly and efficiently, providing schools with the necessary spaces to continue their educational activities.


Fews are able to supply Temporary School Buildings for Schools affected by the RAAC Concrete Crisis throughout the country.

If you require temporary school buildings, contact us on:

info@temporarystructures.co.uk | 01527 919175

Recently the UK has faced a daunting crisis that has affected the safety and functionality of its schools. The RAAC concrete crisis has led to the closure of more than 150 schools due to unsafe concrete structures. In the midst of this upheaval, it’s crucial to find immediate and effective solutions. Fews Temporary School Buildings can offer a lifeline to schools in need of temporary classrooms, canteens, assembly halls, sports facilities, and toilet blocks.



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Here’s how we can address the specific needs of your school:

Temporary School Canteens:

Proper nutrition is crucial for students’ well-being and performance. Temporary school canteens can be established to provide students with meals while their regular school facilities undergo repairs or assessments. Find a case study about a temporary canteen here.

Temporary Assembly Halls:

Assemblies and gatherings are integral to school life. Temporary assembly halls can be erected to facilitate these important school events, ensuring that students’ social and emotional needs are met during challenging times. There’s a case study here.

Temporary School Sports Facilities:

Physical education is a vital component of a well-rounded education. Temporary school sports halls allow students to continue participating in physical activities, promoting their health and well-being.  Find a case study here for Eton College.

Temporary Toilet Blocks:

Hygiene and sanitation are non-negotiable in educational settings. Temporary toilet blocks can be installed to ensure that students have access to clean and safe restroom facilities.

Temporary Classrooms:

With the closure of classrooms in affected schools, students need a safe and conducive environment for learning, ensuring minimal disruption to the education process. Our temporary school classrooms are the perfect solution. Find a case study here for Plymouth University.

Why Fews?


We offer an exceptional service and will strive to find the perfect temporary building for your business with our proactive and personal approach. Each customer request is led from enquiry to build by one of our expertly trained project managers ensuring continuity and a seamless process. We understand the need to react quickly in some situations, so our processes allow the fast turnaround of projects. Site visits are essential, free and without obligation. We can also advise on specialist services for Finance Options, Site Scanning, Ground Works and Planning Permission.

Fast Installation

If your requirement is urgent, we can assemble a 1000sqm capacity building within 24 hours. We hold significant stocks and will advise on the turnaround time in each case.

Turnkey Solutions

We are experts in the temporary buildings industry and we can offer full turnkey solutions for a variety of applications.  Beyond the building, we can include lighting, heating, air conditioning and power distribution if required.


Maintenance contracts are available (whether you hire or purchase) to ensure your structure remains in a safe and fully operational condition.


We have nationwide coverage and beyond if required, so our temporary structures are available to hire or purchase anywhere in the UK and mainland Europe.


In conjunction with independent industry specific consultants we have created robust and detailed documented safe systems. From our overall policies to method statements for different building types, risk assessments for hazardous activities and documented inspection systems of our equipment, you can be sure that our tried and tested systems can be relied upon. In addition, our crews are trained in H&S procedures and wear appropriate PPE at all times. All of our buildings can have site specific structural engineering calculations.


Assembly hall area
Assembly hall stage
Temporary canteen entrance
Temporary canteen
Drama studio inside of temporary structure
Drama classroom
Manhattan structure entrance
Stairwell area
Meeting room / classroom
Classroom space
Study space
Study area desk space
Tree Canopy
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